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Gaston Lenoir Weth(er)ington

Born in Vanceboro, NC in 1858, Abraham Lincoln was president.  His parents were farmers and worked with raw farming goods.  They loaded flat boats that carried goods to Wilmington, NC by the Cape Fear River where France and England paid better prices than if they shipped them north and paid the taxes that were levied. They worked a co- op with wealthy blacks of the era and when the Civil War broke out they all lost everything. 

After the war the farming community managed to rebuild because of the farming abilities and self- supported mindset.

As a young man, Gaston learned how to make wine and liquor.   He also ran a Government Still for a few years and also patented a particular blend of whisky.

In 1905 he moved his family to Onslow County and bought a large tract(s) of land financed by the liquor business.  

He maintained the liquor business and vineyard.  Most of his liquor business at that time was most likely illegal and he kept his still in unsuspected places, and used his help for security and distributors.

As WWI started the economy took a turn for the worst, and he started selling off his land.   He managed to give his son Louis Fred Wethington a small tract and sold the adjoining tract to Lee Drew Stubbs.   He in turn, moved all the grape vines off to make room for farming.   You can still find white grape vines that survived  at the edge of the woods on the farm.  

Louis Fred purchased the land back in the late 30s and kept in tack until his wife Janie P. Morton Wethington died in 1987 of which the land was divided up among the children.  

The remaining tracts were purchased by Butch Velez (Great grand son) and his family and managed to keep a good portion of the land together that is now known as Breezy Meadows Farm & Stables.

“The name Breezy Meadows came to be around 1998/99 as a result of a fund raiser for St Jude's Hospital.  I remember how breezy it was that evening we did hay rides to raise money for the Childrens Hospital.  Then in the far back of the field it was calm as if in a meadow.  The two names stuck and it has been known as Breezy Meadows ever since.” – Butch Velez