Butch Velez (910)554-4900

Andrea Velez (910)581-6304

Farm hours: 

Mon-Fri: 7:00am- 6:00pm

Sat: 8:00am-5:00pm

Sun: 10:00am-5:00pm

Special Announcements:

Pasture board: $275/ month per horse.

Stall board: $425/month per horse

Full board offered only.

Hauling service offered based on location.


Breezy Meadows offers full board at $275 a month per horse. Full board includes AM/PM feeding (12% pelleted feed, beet pulp, hay), one tack locker, use of riding arena, trailer parking, and trail rides. Daily blanketing during the winter months is boarder responsibility unless other arrangements are made with the barn owner. An on site interview is required for all boarders. You will be taken on a tour of the farm, feeding schedule will be explained, you will be shown your tack locker, and rules/regulations of the farm will also be explained to you. You may email for additional information, however appointments are to be made by calling ONLY.

Below is a list of barn rules to refer back to for your convenience. Any additional rules will be communicated to you at your interview.

Over night board is $20 per night. Includes 1 feeding. 

Rules for Boarders, Invited Guests, Riders, & Instructors:

These rules are not flexible!

 Use of lights at the farm is not covered in the boarding prices, therefore boarders are not admitted onto the farm after 8pm. This eliminates liability accidents and this rule is not negotiable.

Do not expect services that you do not pay for!

  1. Each patron (18 years or older) is responsible for the acknowledgement of the rules of Breezy Meadows Farm & Stables. A legal guardian must sign and acknowledge receipt of the rules for any patron under the age of 18.
  2. All guests and their children are to note there will be no running, screaming or climbing on fences, gates, trees, or any other standing object.
  3. Safety helmets are required by all riders during their lesson.  
  4. Parents/ guardians, invited instructors, and guests are not to interrupt or coach a lesson in progress unless help is requested by the resident instructor.
  5. Do not diagnose horses that do not belong to you, or tell owners what is needed for their horse's health or diet.
  6. Only horses boarded at Breezy Meadows F&S may use the farm's facilities. Boarders wishing to invite a guest whose horse is boarded elsewhere must request permission from the barn owner/manager. Those guests are to meet with the owner/manager to sign a liability release form and sign a hard copy of the barn rules.
  7. Lessons take priority! Do not ride in the arena while a lesson is in progress. If the resident instructor invites you in, you are to ride at a similar level to the lesson in progress.
  8. There will be NO riding after barn hours unless special arrangements are made with the barn owner/manager.
  9. Boarders do not feed their horse from the barns supply of hay and/or grain. Hay and grain are monitored DAILY by the staff and are for on site use only. If you leave the farm for an event you are required to provide your own hay/grain and are NOT permitted to take the barns supply of hay/grain.  
  10. Boarders may keep up to 10 bales of hay per horse over scheduled feeding. You must let the barn owner/manager know of extra feed and times which you feed. Extra hay left on the ground where the horse walks is to be raked up and removed in a timely manner.
  11. Boarders are responsible for all health medications, farriers, current negative coggins, veterinarian, and any state mandated innoculations. If a boarder's horse dies for any reason, that boarder is responsible for removal of the carcass.
  12. Do not borrow horse related items from other boarders without permission.
  13. This is a DRAMA FREE facility. Tend only to yourself and your horse(s) at all times.
  14. Be sure you understand and abide by the rules of the wash rack.
  15. Always let the barn owner/manager know when you are going on a trail ride. Ride in pairs if possible. Stay on designated trails when riding. Do not wander off the farm!
  16. Breezy Meadows F&S reserves the right to rotate horses at any given moment to accommodate everybody and to regenerate grazing areas.
  17. Speed limit on the farm is 5mph. Do not speed or use four-wheel drive anywhere on the farm.
  18. Boarders/guests are to keep their dogs on a leash at all times. Dogs proven to be obedient may be taken off the leash only if the barn owner permits it.
  19. Breezy Meadows is strictly a drug, alcohol, tobacco free facility. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  20. There is to be no soliciting of any kind. With special permission from the barn owner, items may be posted for sale.
  21. Daily blanketing during the winter months is boarder responsibility. This must be accomplished DURING the barn hours. If you wish to add a blanketing service to your board, a separate flat rate monthly fee will be established by the barn owner. It is advised that you add a name tag to your horse(s) blanket for convenience.


Do not hesitate to ask a staff member for review of any rule. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in termination of your board.