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 Riding Lessons

The resident riding instructor will travel for off-site lessons. Lesson fee's themselves do not change, however you will pay a travel fee.

Lessons in both the English and Western disciplines are available year- round for children and adults. Children must be at least 5 years of age to begin. There are two time sessions to choose from:

Half-hour ($20)      Pony Rides ($10)       Private lessons (+ $10)

Hour ($30)             Trail Rides ($25)

Lesson spaces are available first come-first serve. If you have your own horse that you would like to use for lessons, feel free to call as you will be easier to schedule versus those who use the barn's horses. An on site interview is required before beginning lessons. This is to set up a lesson schedule, discuss rider ability, and discuss the rules of the lesson program. If you've ever wondered about the "Calendar" at the bottom of this page, this is the monthly schedule for make up lessons. This is posted for parent/rider convenience to check any time when your make up lesson is scheduled.

English & Western Lessons

As long as the rider meets age requirements, they can partake in lessons in either discipline he/she chooses. Lessons are also available for beginner jumping or for those who have the experience but are looking for additional help. Our students do have the opportunity to compete in horse shows. Once they have reached a level of riding and completed certain requirements set forth by the instructor, they will begin horse show preparation in each lesson. Students that compete will be taught how to clean show tack, grooming and banding for shows, how to look presentable and what the judges are looking for! At the end of each show, we like to have group photos of the students with their horses and ribbons, and those photos are posted to the Breezy Meadows Facebook page.  

Trail Rides 

Trail rides are booked by appointment only. Our trail rides are guided and walking only! Maximum groups of 5 adults and a small child can be taken. Trail rides must be paid for in advanced to ensure your attendance. A release form must also be signed for each rider before going on the trails. Appropriate riding attire is required, and can be explained if this is your first ride and you are unsure what to wear. Cost is $25 per person for an hour ride. Bring your receipt with you the day of your booked ride with your appointed time. Before booking, please keep in mind not all of our horses are beginner friendly so dont be afraid to ask one of our staff about your skill level so we can match you up with the appropriate horse. 


Largest horse carrying capacity does not exceed a rider over 250lbs. 

Pony carrying capacity does not exceed a child over 65lbs. 



Date                Name                                                    Time  

   26                 Amelia                                                   5:00


                        James                                                   5:30


27                    Ken                                                        5:00


                        Hailey                                                    5:30


29                     Hailey                                                   5:30



30                     Sophia                                                  5:00

                         Alessandra                                           5:30

                         Kenly                                                     6:00

                         Maia                                                       6:30